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Statue of King Leonidas – Acropolis of Ancient Sparta – Triconch domed church (10th century) – Late Roman and Byzantine Baths – Inscribed cross-in-square church (late 10th century) – Cenotaph of King Leonidas (Leonidaion) – Sanctuary of Menelaus and Helen of Troy (Menelaion)*. 

On this tour we will have the opportunity to see the historical and residential continuity of the city of Sparta from ancient to Byzantines times (and of course modern times). 

Starting from the Statue of King Leonidas, in front of the stadium of the modern city, we will visit the hill of the Acropolis of Ancient Sparta and we will have the opportunity to walk among ancient, Roman and Byzantine public buildings and temples, such as the ‘Round Building’, the Sanctuary of Athena Chalkioikou, the Theatre, the Roman Stoa and the ‘Basilica of Saint Nikon’, a living proof of the systematic habitation and use of the Acropolis hill and the surrounding area for almost 3,000 years. 

After a short walk, we will return to the Modern city to visit the two Byzantine temples of the 10th century, the Roman and Byzantine Baths and Leonidaion.  

Our walk ends just outside the city of Sparta (10 minutes by car), at the Sanctuary of Menelaus and Helen of Troy with the insurmountable view of Sparta and the mountain range of Taygetos. Don’t miss it!  

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