Visit – guided tour of organic farm

Sparta - Mystras / Visit – guided tour of organic farm

Nature, animals and certified organic products of the region of Laconia!

Visit to an organic farm of 150 stremma, near Sparta (10 km), overlooking Taygetos imposing mountain range.

Apart from the production of organic fruit, vegetables, juices, eggs, olive oil and olives, the farm is home to deer, peacocks, an endangered species of Skyrian horse and Tibetan dwarf goats.

During the tour, the people in charge of the area explain the organic production processes and how to distinguish organic products. We will also have the opportunity to collect and taste seasonal fruits and juices and play with animals.

During the winter months (November, December) we can also participate in the olive picking process.

Every visitor is offered organic juice produced by the farm.

Visitors can also buy the products of the farm.